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Best Mixer






Adjustable, from 0.25% to 3%

Minimum Transaction

0.001 BTC

Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled. Adjustable, 0-72 hours

Letter of Guarantee


BestMixer is one of the most popular services for working with cryptocurrencies. It has many advantages over competitors and offers users a lot of opportunities to anonymize bitcoin.

BestMixer: what is it and what is its Function?

BestMixer is a service for mixing bitcoins, which allows you to ensure confidentiality when working with cryptocurrency. After all, it is known that BTC is a pseudo-anonymous currency with an open ledger of transactions based on the blockchain. Few people like to realize that third parties can track all their transactions.

To level these shortcomings, special services have been developed for anonymizing transfers. One of the most reliable is CoinMixer . It features an automated mixing process, which is completely deleted after the operation is completed.

Registration on the service is not provided, so no one will receive your personal data and will not know that it was you who “cleared” your coins.

Cryptocurrency information is stored on the service for no longer than 72 hours, ensuring a high degree of security. Logs of the use of the services of the service or their visits are not kept.

Main Features of BestMixer

  • Commission: Randomized, 1% -2%.
  • Minimum deposit: There is no minimum deposit.
  • Users can mix even 0.0005 BTC.
  • Maximum deposit: 37 BTC.
    Log policy: Zero log policy. All entries will be deleted.
  • Delay time: Yes, under user control. From instant mixing (after 1 confirmation) to a 5 hour delay.
  • Additional Weekend Addresses: Not
  • Control of the percentage of the deposit by individual address: Not
  • Letter of guarantee: Yes

How BestMixer Works?

The service divides the transaction into tiny parts and sends them several times in different directions. Thus, CoinMixer first accepts a deposit in bitcoins, after which it “clears” them and returns a similar amount, but in clean, anonymous coins.

As a result, interested parties are deprived of any ability to track you and your transactions.

Attention! After creating a deposit, you will receive a letter of guarantee from the service, which must be kept for the transaction duration. After its completion, you can safely delete it.

Benefits of BestMixer

So, the statement that BTC is an anonymous cryptocurrency is not true. Yes, the system does not require your full name, passport and other data, but everyone has access to the transaction register. If you purchase cryptocurrency through a bank card or PayPal, information about you will become known. By tracking the blockchain registry, each user can view the chain of cryptocurrency movement – from the source of its creation to the current owner, along with the balance of the wallet, credits and transfers of coins.

If you use BTC for small transfers, you have nothing to fear. Suppose there is a need to transfer a large amount of funds on conditions of complete anonymity without attracting the attention of the authorities or intruders. In that case, you cannot do without Coin Mixer.

How to use the service

To use BestMixer, it is enough to specify the withdrawal address for the cleared coins. To further increase your privacy, use a VPN during the procedure, and register a new BTC wallet before starting the procedure.

Choose a mixing time – up to 24 hours. It is possible to make an instant transfer. The longer the delay, the higher the intensity of mixing and the degree of anonymity.

After you fill out a simple online form, the initial coins are sent to the address suggested by the service, and you will receive a letter of guarantee.

How Best Mixer is different from other BTC Mixers?

This BTC mixer has the following competitive advantages:

  • Service commission – from 1 to 2%. It is different for each user, thanks to which a high degree of confidentiality is achieved.
  • Cleaning of coins is carried out instantly. However, you can specify its delay to secure yourself and your transactions further.
  • The procedure is carried out safely; the user receives a letter of guarantee for the duration of its implementation.
  • Transaction data is permanently deleted after three days.


The BestMixer service has a simple and intuitive interface that provides a high level of security and deanonymization. With it, you are guaranteed to hide the origin of the cryptocurrency from interested parties. Numerous positive reviews confirm the reputation of the service. Coinmixer is one of the best top bitcoin mixers out there.

The Best mixer has a multilingual interface that allows you to safely mix BTC without knowing English. This is the first bitcoin laundering service that does not require a minimum deposit. The fee is fixed, which is great for security reasons.