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2-5% +0.0005 BTC

Minimum Transaction

0.25 %BTC

Log Policy

logs are collected for 24 hours

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


This article is discussing the Bitcloak Mixer Review 2022

What is  Bitcloak Bitcoin Mixer? This article will cover features, how this Bitcoin Mixer works, its function, and its pros .

Features of Bitcloak Bitcoin?

Bitcloak Bitcoin Mixer was designed to be a decentralized currency that can’t be tracked by government or anyone else. However, when you buy and sell bitcoin on an exchange, the transactions are tracked and made public. If someone has your Bitcoin address and knows your spending habits, they could see how much bitcoin you have and where you spend it. By using a mixer service, you can send your coins to someone else’s wallet so they cannot see where the coins originally came from.

Working principle

of Bitcloak Bitcoin Mixer ?

Bitcloak  Mixer is a service that mixes coins into new ones. It works by breaking up the coins you send them into smaller denominations and then transfers them back to you. This is just one way that Bitcoin Mixer protects your anonymity on the blockchain. Another way is by using PGP encryption for all of the emails, messages, and chat sessions with their customers.

Benefits of Bitcloak  Mixer?

Bitcloak Bitcoin Mixing up your Bitcoins helps to protect them. If you are ever a victim of hacking or theft, the Bitcoins that have been mixed will be safe. However, it is important not to mix up your keys with others for security reasons.

Bitcloak Bitcoin  Mixer is a service that can be used to break the link between sender and receiver of money. It does this by collecting many separate transactions for example 10,000 individual Bitcoin transactions and mixing them up so that it becomes impossible to tell which transaction was the one made by the user in question.

In this sense, it provides a level of anonymity.

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Why Bitcloak Bitcoin Mixer is important?

Bitcloak  is a service for Bitcoin holders who want to maintain their privacy. It does this by combining bitcoins from different sources and sending the combined amount to a new recipient. This process, called “laundering,” makes it difficult to link the transaction back to its original source. The mixer can be used with any amount of bitcoins or altcoins, or even fiat currency like dollars.


Bitcloak Mixer is a service that has been created to protect your privacy. It does this by periodically transferring Bitcoin to different wallets and exchanges, so that the transactions can’t be traced back to you. This service is important for those who want to use Bitcoin without giving away their personal information.