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1%-3% (randomized for obscurity) fee on each deposit

Minimum Transaction

0.035 BTC

Log Policy

Yes. (7 Day Retention)

Time Delay

Yes, Partial User Control

Letter of Guarantee


What is Bitcoin Fog?

Bitcoin fog is a virtual currency mixer is a tool that allows people who use currencies not focused on anonymity (such as Bitcoin) to be able to mix them with the assets of other users to achieve greater privacy.

In this way, tracking of said currencies by centralized entities is avoided.

Likewise, it is impossible to decipher what kind of activities have been carried out with said crypto activities.

In other words, cryptocurrency mixers seek to remove all public traces of cryptocurrencies and make them virtually untraceable.

As is known by its users, the degree of anonymity offered by Bitcoin is not complete since it is a pseudo-anonymous cryptocurrency.

This is because all the movements or transactions carried out will always leave traces, such as dates, amounts transferred, addresses, etc.

The Bitcoin blockchain keeps records of all transactions from its inception to the present day, so anyone who wants to can see this information (via an online Bitcoin block explorer).

While this transparency is good for Bitcoin, it is also a major leak point for the privacy of its users.

Because of this, many people prefer to use the services of cryptocurrency mixers to achieve greater anonymity.

The mixing confuses the links between the input and output addresses, providing a higher level of privacy

How do the Fog Mixer Works?

This Fog Bitcoin mixer works by allowing people to mix their virtual currencies with those of other users. In this way, greater anonymity is achieved.

Some mixers have a reserve of coins to carry out the mixtures.
Meanwhile, others make use only of the coins provided to the platform by the community.

It is essential to mention that a Bitoin For is charging small commission for using the services .
With cryptocurrency Fog mixer, users do not receive the same coins they deposited.
As its name suggests, when using a FogBitcoin mixer, all the cryptocurrencies are combined, for which the amounts are fragmented to hide the origin of the funds.
Deposited cryptocurrencies are mixed up in many small transactions during the process, making it challenging to identify the cryptocurrencies involved.
At the end of the mix, the amount deposited by each user is returned to the wallet indicated by the user, except for the commission charged for using the mixer service.
But the cryptocurrencies returned to the users are not the same ones that were deposited initially, thus breaking the relationship between the funds and the data of their origin, that is, between the amounts and their owners.
They don’t even have to come through a single transaction, further complicating tracebacks.

Is it legal to use Bitcoin Fog mixer?

Yes. Despite the bad image that is often given to them, the reality is that the vast majority of users who use the services of cryptocurrency mixers do so solely to preserve their privacy, not for illicit activities.

Pros and cons of using a Bitcoin Fog Mixer

Like any service, virtual currency mixers have some very positive points and others that may not be so good.

Positive aspects

They guarantee their users much greater privacy and anonymity . It makes it impossible for centralized organizations to track your funds , preventing them from knowing how much money you have, where it comes from or what it is used for.

Negative aspects

They are often used by criminals to launder cryptocurrencies that have been used for illegal activities. If the platform is efficient, it makes it more difficult for authorities to link criminals to their crypto assets in order to catch them. These platforms make use of patterns , so if the pattern is discovered, its operation can be analyzed to decipher the transactions found on the platform. In the event that a centralized mixer is used, the platform will know the deposit information and the amount of coins that each user mixes . So if the page were forced to deliver information, privacy would be totally lost. If a fake crypto-asset mixing platform is used, users can end up being duped and hopelessly lose their money .


However, these tools can have a somewhat negative reputation in some cases. Their anonymity qualities are often used for illicit activities, such as money laundering and theft.

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