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2-5% +0.0005 BTC

Minimum Transaction

0.25 %BTC

Log Policy

logs are collected for 24 hours

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee



This article is discussing the Bitcoinmix Review 2022

Bitcoinmix.org is one of the best Bitcoin Mixer that is providing   anonymity and security to bitcoin transactions. BitcoinMix is a blender for mixing bitcoin transactions, which helps increase the confidentiality of transactions. It has a fiver star rating and is being used by millions of the BTC users daily.

Steps to mix coins with BTC Bitcoinmix Mixer?

To use the service, you must:

  • Open the correct website 
  • Enter the correct destination address
  • Choose the delay time
  • Choose your preferred mixing fee
  • Send the coins to mixer
  • Process the coins in mixer
  • Conclude the mixing

Working principle

Bitcoin Mix ?

The BitcoinMix was built for the purpose of advancement in Bitmix technology, having such qualities as reliability and anonymity.  As a result, the demand for how to make such transactions as anonymous as possible grew, thus appeared –bitcoin mixer

The main principle, the mandatory function, is mixing(coin Mixing). A unique sequence of actions are used. In general, the result of confidentiality reaches  100%, which, as a result, there are no options to track transactions in any way. The algorithm is as easy as possible: the transaction is taken into several parts and resent numerously in different directions. That is, the anonymity of your crypto coins is ensured through numerous transfers, in this way the most clean and anonymous bitcoins are returned to you, no one can trace such algorithms today.

Benefits of Bitcoin Mix

In addition to those that were described earlier, we want to note that  that this bitmix  is the best among competitors. Firstly, we have the best statistics on the results of bitcoin mixing for a huge number of people.

These are the three main advantages that have been confirmed by many years of work, as well as by customers of the bitcoin mixer service:

  • Absolute anonymity
  • Excellent transaction speed.
  •  Very low commission

Due to the fact that no personal transactions information will be required from you, and also all logins entered are simply not saved anywhere – users choose our service. We offer instant transactions with complete anonymity, but also, you can choose the intensity of mixing and even set a delay of up to 70 hours, the percentage of anonymity depends on the time and mixing strength you set. It is necessary to note such a moment as tor + proxy, when using this combination, no one will be able to track you for sure.

How to use bit Mix BitcoinMix Mixer

As already mentioned, in order to access coinmixer bitmix, you do not need to invent a login, all that is needed is to enter your wallet, as we have already said that you have the right to choose the mixing strength and delay yourself.
After familiarizing yourself with the entrance, you will be offered an address to send your cryptocurrency for laundering. After sending, you will receive a personal confidential code, which must be entered when the mixing process is completed

What is Bitcoin Mix Mixer Use for?

Often bitcoin mixer used to launder cryptocoins in order to later purchase prohibited goods for them. In this way, they achieve complete confidentiality and such purchases cannot be tracked, because pure bitcoins have already been passed through the mixer and confused all subsequent transactions as much as possible.


If you are looking for the best bitcoin mixer, then you have found it. It is guaranteed that the  mixing services of the Bitcoin mix Mixer can be trusted with your confidential information. Your coins will arrive at their destination in a matter of minutes.  BitcoinMix Mixer is  always here to help you with BTC mixing!