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There’s no fee; it’s a donation only service

Minimum Transaction

0.004 BTC

Log Policy

for 7 days

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


What is chipmixer?

There are many bitcoin mixers indexed in google, and one of them is chipmixer. They have been providing coin mixing services since 2017.ChipMixer is a very impressive service if you want to keep your anonymity when you want to shop online. It can also be useful to make p2p payments and donations. The service mixes a person’s funds, giving them new bitcoins. The focus here is to make sure the mixer has the ability to blur the trail if someone tries to find the source of the payment. The best mixer is the one that keeps your anonymity to a maximum. You want every bitcoin transaction to be difficult to track. This is where using of chipmix mixing services makes a lot of sense. 

How ChipMixer works?

It’s a simple process. The mixer makes your bitcoins go through a mixing process; it takes your bitcoins and sends you new random bitcoins, from a random bitcoin address, without any connection to your previous address. Once you deposit your BTC into the mixer, the service sets up a random delay, and after it expires, new bitcoins are sent to your withdrawal address. That’s how the system works. It also doesn’t require any registration or personal data to mix your bitcoins. The service takes a random fee of 2% to 5%, so it is much more difficult to track both transactions as the fee is random and unpredictable. Some users call the bitcoin mixer bitcoin fog because connecting your original coins to the ones you received is almost impossible.

This service makes it pointless for someone to track your bitcoin transactions on the blockchain because even logical deduction will not help that person find the new address of your bitcoins. Even if the security of the service is compromised, no one will be able to find out anything about your transaction because our service does not store logs.

Steps to mix bitcoins in ChipMixer

  •  Step 1. Deposit
  •  Step 2. Mix
  • Step 3. withdraw
  •  Step 4. Finish
  • Step 5. Destroy the session

Features of ChipMixer

  • You can split a big chip into two smaller ones. For example, you can split an 0.064 BTC chip into two 0.032 BTC chips.
  • Two small chips of the same size can be merged into one chip. For example, two 0.032 BTC chips can become a 0.064 BTC chip.
  • The chip can be split into two small ones or merged into one big one. A bet of a small chip could either double in size or disappear, and this is probably fair. The chances of receiving a big chip are 47%.
  • If you are left with only big chips, then the service’s donation is split into smaller ones.
  • Finally, chips can be withdrawn. This will disclose the private pseudo keys you can use to import into your Bitcoin wallet.
  • The service is 100% anonymous. It does not track or collect information from visitors in any way and does not have a log of visits or applications.

ChipMixer Fee

There is no fix fee. The service is running on donations.

How ChipMixer is different from other Bitcoin mixers?

ChipMixer creates chips with specific values and funds them before your deposit. For example, you may deposit 0.124 BTC and receive 68 chips worth 0.004 each and 32 chips worth 0.002 each for a total of 100 chips. These chips were funded before your deposit, so there is no link between them and your deposit on the blockchain. While the idea of chip division and combining is missing and doesn’t exists in any other type of Bitmixers. This is the first BTC mixer that is applying this new concept.

How often should i use a ChipMixer?

Well, it all depends on how many transactions you make. Some people want to use a bitcoin mixer every time they make a transaction. Why? Because it’s safer and easier for them. And we can’t disagree; something like this is much better and safer if you know how to handle it with confidence and focus. You just need to know how and when to handle these things. Ideally, the results can be even more amazing if you identify the best option for mixing your bitcoins. We recommend avoiding any rush, as mixing bitcoins is important. Choose the right website that will be your bitcoin mixer and look for reviews beforehand to make sure of the quality of service. It’s important to do this, so you need to make sure it’s safe!

Advantages of ChipMixer

  • Latest bitmix mixing technology
  • Only 7 days of waiting after deposit
  • 24/7 support
  • For less than 20 BTC transactions, one confirmation is required & for more than 20 BTC, and above that, six confirmations are needed.
  • Fast delivery service


ChipMixer is an innovative Bitcoin mixer that allows you to use the coin-join technique, which makes it impossible to link transactions with your IP address. This allows you to make your transactions completely anonymous.