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0.1% + 0.000 BTC

Minimum Transaction

0.001 BTC

Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


Last Update: it is a Scam Site beware !!!​

What is CoinJoin?

It is a process of doing online transactions without showing one’s own identity. It involves more than one party transactions of Bitcoin, and each party received what they had deposited, however, the mixer mixes the origin addresses of the coin, making trailing hard to trace. It needs a lot of technical and programming skills, as a result, not everyone can use it, only specific organizations which are equipped with technical, and programming can provide coinJoin services. So coinJoin mix Bitcoins in such of way that tracing the original addresses of the coins becomes hard to trace.

How CoinJoin Bitcoin Mixer work?

The coinJoin works on the idea of taking in multiple inputs from different users and giving outputs as a combined output of those who had input. In the process of mixing all inputs are shuffled so that tracing out which coin belongs to which user, is hard to determine.
The coin mixing service provider will take all the data of the users, work on it make a transaction, and make the sign of consent before airing it to the network. There is no way to modify the transactions if users give signed consent. This implies that there is no risk of the coin mixing service provider running off with the funds.

 Features of coinJoin Bit mixer?

It mixed coins automatically in such a way that tracing original coins is almost impossible.
It takes in many inputs and transactions are less in number.
It involves multiple parties
It acts like a black box, input and out cannot be interlinked.

Key Benefits of this coinJoin?

The CoinJoin anonymization technique has a lot of benefits to the market. The added privacy one gains from bundling these transactions make it very hard for someone to trace the payment trail. The benefits of coinJoin are:
1. Security:
It is a risk-free anonymized strategy of mixing Bitcoins.
2. Cost
The coinJoin transactions are much cheaper than any other transactions.
3. Scalability
The coinJoin take less space compared to two transactions
Through CoinJoin currencies can be interchanged.


The coinJoin mixer is one of the best strategies for anonymously making transactions of Bitcoins. It involves multiple party inputs and a combined output, making the trailing of payment hard to trace. It has many benefits from security to fungibility.