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1-5 % + 0.0003 BTC

Minimum Transaction

0.0015 BTC

Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


Coinomize mixer is one of the best bitcoin tumbler that is providing 100% anonymity of bitcoins. Coinomize anonymizes Bitcoin transactions, making it impossible to trace the original sender. This is done immediately after the transaction is made and is completed without any outside help or work.Converting bitcoin is done by mixing multiple transaction histories to obscure the past activity of your bitcoin. Coinomize bitcoin mixers merge transactions from individual users into one large transaction, and then send them back out.


How Coinomize Bitcoin mixer works

Coinomize Bitcoin mixer emerged in order to address problems with confidentiality. It does this by masking the origins and histories of blockchain transactions. The demand for this technology has increased significantly over the years- a result of privacy concerns.

The basic principle of coinomize mixing is anonymity . A unique sequence of actions is used. Typically, the result of confidentiality is 99% which means there is no way to track transactions in any way. The algorithm is rather simple: a transaction is taken into several parts and resent multiple times in different ways. That is, the transparency of your cryptocurrencies is ensured through numerous transfers in this way the most pure and untraceable bitcoins are returned to you. No one can trace such algorithms today.

Basic working principal of Coinomize BitMix

Coinomize.biz website removes the traceability between input and output transactions, making a bitcoin transaction untraceable.Bitcoins are mixed with other users and the input is mixed with other users at the same exchange, which prevents a traceable link.

Steps to perform Bitcoin mixing using Coinomize

  • Mix your coins by entering up to five of your BTC addresses and sending the coins you want to mix to the newly generated address.
  • Coinomize keeps your records secure and private.
  • Coinomize will generate clean bitcoin after the mixing process is complete. You can specify a time delay to receive these new, clean bitcoin in your desired address.

Benifits of Coinomize Mixer

Coinomize mixing service is the best because we have the best Bitcoin mixing rates and provide quality customer service.

Coinomize provides a one-stop shopping site for information about bitcoin. The goal of the site is to answer the questions that people have about cryptocurrency.
Coinomize coin mixing has 4 big advantages:

  • 100% anonymity.
  • Fast transaction speed.
  • Very low mixing fee
  • No history or transaction log

With the coinomize tumbler service you have instant transactions with complete anonymity, without saving your personal information. With a time delay of up to 70 hours, you can choose the intensity of mixing and how much of your information is saved. With this combination, no one will be able to track you in any way.


How Coinomize bitcoin mixer is different from other Mixers

Coinomize bitcoin mixer use a process of identification and merging to obscure the previously recorded activity on bitcoin. This helps users avoid having their information traced by wallet addresses detailing the wallets each user has, potentially revealing that one of them is owned by another person. The monetary motivation for mixing Bitcoin does not just improve efficiency but eliminates some fees as well.


Coinomize coin mixer is a mixing service that helps increase bitcoin transaction anonymity. The service can be used for any transactions where privacy is a concern, as Coinomize offers 24/7 support and a strict zero logs policy.