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Adjustable, from 0.25% to 0.5%

Minimum Transaction

0.001 BTC

Log Policy


Time Delay

Adjustable, 0-48 hours

Letter of Guarantee


Let’s consider what the CryptoMixer service is, its features, and how it differs from its competitors. After this review, you will understand whether the service is suitable for solving your problems.

CryptoMixer is a service specifically for those who need absolute anonymity on the Web.

What is Cryptomixer?

CryptoMixer is a bitcoin blender that allows you to provide the owner of cryptocurrencies with absolute anonymity on the Internet. This technology breaks the connection between the old and new wallet addresses. There are mixed (clean) coins in the platform reserve. When a transaction is made through a blender, the output address receives anonymous, completely cleared money.Some sites accept bitcoins and mix them with the coins of other owners.

How CryptoMixer works?

The service uses the cryptocurrency of other users. Thanks to unique mixing algorithms, CryptoMixer distributes coins to different addresses. Money is “cleansed”, freed from belonging to a particular wallet, so the process is called mixing or clearing bitcoins. The final cryptocurrency has nothing to do with the original address.
After the mixing process has ended, the addressee receives the necessary amount of money to his address – except the commission for the service.

Mixing Fee

As for CryptoMixer, the platform has flexible rates that depend on the amount sent and the number of mixes.
The minimum fee is 0.5%, the maximum is 5%. Its amount can be set individually for each user of the service

Crypto Mixer Features

  • Commission: 0.5%-3% (flexible)
  • Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC.
  • Maximum deposit: 162 BTC.
  • Log policy: Zero log policy. All entries will be deleted.
  • Delay time: Yes, under user control. From instant mixing (after 1 confirmation) to 96 hour delay.
  • Additional Weekend Addresses: Yes, until 10.
  • Control of the percentage of the deposit by individual address: Yes, full control.
  • Letter of guarantee: Yes, signed with the main BTC address.

Benefits of CryptoMixer

CryptoMixer has the following advantages:

  • Full automation of the mixing process eliminates the human factor and errors made due to inattention, lack of qualifications, experience, etc.
  • You have the option to delay the mixing of coins.
  • The number of withdrawal addresses is up to 5. The distribution of funds between them is random.
  • Each user has a unique mixing code, so it is not possible to receive your cryptocurrency afterward.
  • The commission is flexible and ranges from 0.5 to 5% per transaction.
    To start the mixing process, you only need to confirm one transaction.
    The transaction data will be removed from the transaction history log 24 hours after the transaction is completed.

How CryptoMixer is different from other Mixers?

CryptoMixer testing showed that this service is distinguished by a convenient and multifunctional personal account and is fast and straightforward to use. It is different from its competitors in terms of its high reliability and speed of operation. All these advantages are confirmed by many positive reviews on thematic forums. We believe that this service is the best bitcoin mixer .


CryptoMixer allows you to safely mix BTC, do not pay more than 3% service fee. It’s cheaper than most alternative cryptocurrency mixers. The service has strong encryption, which allows its users to remain anonymous and protected from third parties.