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Minimum Transaction

0.1 BTC

Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


Cryptoswapper is bitcoin Mixer which uses a variety of privacy technologies to make transactions less traceable. Traditionally, crypto exchanges have suffered from security compromises that could expose sensitive customer data. CryptoSwapper offers a service to swap crypto currencies while keeping them safe and secure with encryption. Your transaction will never be recorded because it is deleted before the funds are sent.

No KYC Swapper ensures privacy and security by allowing a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to be exchanged, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

It is being used by hundreds of thousands of users who use  services and enjoy them.

How Does CryptoSwapper Work?

CryptoSwapper breaks the connection between sending and receiving addresses on the blockchain. Furthermore, it anonymizes information about where users keep their coins and where they send them. It also has a large pool of cryptocurrency, which allows it to send payments for any amount to another user.

You need to mix cryptocurrencies that have a connection between the sender and the receiver address. We do this by swapping your coin to be anonymous from where it is sent, where it is received, and the amount the coins are. This ensures maximum privacy for you with minimum effort on your part.

CryptoSwapper is a platform that can mix different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Once cryptoswapper receive payment in Bitcoin, your coin is still stored in the system and used for later transfers. Thus, no one can trace use of our service. The pool is constantly replenished for subsequent payments so the automatic service runs smoothly.

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Steps to use crypto swap

  • The address of the final recipient must be entered, and all payments are final, meaning it will be the only potential recipient.
  • You can input the amount of cryptocurrency you would like to send, and receive the request live with a specified fee and network cost.
  • To begin the process, you will have to solve the captcha, which will give you an agreement with us.
  • Download the letter of guarantee. Remember that it is the only proof of using our service.

How Does CryptoSwapper Algorithm Work?

If you have previously used this swap, enter the CryptoSwapper code on our site instead of using your own tracking tools.When you use CryptoSwapper, the machine will thank you for using their code. They input it once so they won’t need to do those tasks in the future.

Swapping Fee

The mininum swapping fee is 0.5% +swapping fee. Sometime, bitmix swapper will charge a fixed fee between 0.5% and 1%. If you are exchanging the same currency as your origin and destination, the fee will be halved to 0.5%. Otherwise, it will be 1%. Copymatic is all about privacy – both origins and destinations for your exchange will not know each other.


You can contact  at [email protected] They will reply you instantly.You have an opyion to reach the in any emergeny while swapping your coins.