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Minimum Transaction

0.002 BTC

Log Policy

Logs deleted after 24 hours

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


FoxMixer – anonymized cryptocurrency transaction service. Using the service, you can confuse traces of cryptocurrency transactions and make them completely anonymous.

FoxMixer’s main mission is to provide users with a guarantee of anonymity and security. The service was announced on the Bitcointalk.org cryptocurrency forum and immediately earned very high marks.

So far, the site supports anonymization of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Bitcoin Cash; Ethereum;
  • BitcoinSV;
  • Litecoin.

The service interface has been translated into many languages, including Russian. You can ask any questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the technical support service via mail or online chat embedded on the website.

How it works

FoxMixer works on the same principles as similar sites:

Users enter a cryptocurrency into the service, which must be anonymized. Coins entered on the site are divided into small transactions and mixed multiple times. In the reverse transaction, the user receives the same amount of funds, only with new coins that have no involvement in the previous transaction.

Customers can select a delay in the range of 0 to 72 hours. Mixing is regulated in three pools:

Alpha Pool: The simplest mix according to the classic scheme from one customer to another, that is, “clean” coin reserves are formed from transactions entered into the service by other users.
Beta pool: It has a more advanced mixing quality. Purified coins are only taken from large alpha pool investor transactions.
Pool Range: More protected mix. Coins issued to users after cleaning are in no way associated with the alpha pool and are taken from the service’s personal reserves and investors.
The efficiency of anonymity in all groups is equally high. The difference is in the quality of the coins sent.

Why to use a FoxMixer bitcoin mixer?

The FoxMixer Bitcoin mixer will be useful for anyone who doesn’t want to put up with the fact that transactions on the blockchain ledger can be tracked by anyone. Having passed their coins through a bitcoin blender, users receive “clean” coins on the way out, compared to new ones, because it will not be possible to trace the previous path.

This service helps to hide from unnecessary attention from regulatory authorities or fraudsters.

How to “cleanse” bitcoins through FoxMixer

The service is easy to use. You need to:

  • Go to the service’s website and select the desired currency;
  • Enter the address to receive the coins;
  • Set the mixing parameters.

Then the service will generate the shipping address for the received transaction. After entering coins they are automatically thrown into the mix. In return, the customer will receive a letter of guarantee containing a special code by which, after completion, you will be able to pick up “clean” coins.

Visitors are invited to independently adjust the mixing parameters. With options you can adjust the mixing power, set the transaction delay from precision to minute. The number of confirmations required is set automatically depending on the transaction amount and cryptocurrency.

The service does not require sensitive data. All transaction information is deleted after 24 hours. For security reasons, each customer receives an individual code when mixing first. It guarantees that how often you would not use the service, you will never get your old transaction coins back.

Commission Service

Bitcoin mixer is distinguished by low commissions, which depend on the specified mixing parameters:

  • Alpha Pool: 1-2%;
  • Pool Beta: 2 to 4%;
  • Pool Range: 4-5%

For the convenience of the customers, a calculator is provided in the service, which calculates the amount of the transaction to be returned according to the specified parameters.

Advantages of FoxMixer

  • Completely anonymous: The service is protected from all types of attacks. There is a TOR version of the site and SSL encryption protection. Server information is automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • Incomparable mix: Service prevents the possibility of sending old coins with a special code. Delays and commissions are calculated down to the last detail. There are three types of mixing and a special indicator that gives users an idea of ​​the degree of anonymization.
  • Convenient: The service interface is translated into multiple languages ​​and adapted for use on all types of devices. Customers receive a detailed guide and, if necessary, you can always contact the technical support service.