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Many people believe that bitcoins are a safe and reliable way to Mix bitcoin in an anonymous manner. However, this isn’t always accurate. Free Bitcoin mixer helps you maintain your anonymity.

What is Free Bitcoin Mixer ?

Free Bitcoin mixers are services or softwares that let users mix their coins with others, in order to preserve their privacy for free without any service charges.

Bitcoin addresses are pseudonymous, and they may not reveal the identity of their owner. However, there are ways in which those addresses can still be identified with a person’s real world identity. For example, Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges that require users to identify themselves can often be linked to their owners. There are also more advanced techniques known as blockchain analysis which allow for the linking of bitcoins to specific identities.

When coins are spent, products and other information about their owners are revealed. For instance, this could inform you whether someone owns a specific amount of money, what they purchase and more.

How does Free bitmixer(tumbler) works?

Bitcoin mixers are software services that break down your funds into smaller sets and subsequently mix it with other transactions. This makes it more difficult to trace the bitcoin, and breaks the link between those specific coins and an individual.

Free Bitcoin tumblers break the connection between your identity and BTC you own. You can then confuse bitcoin tracking solutions that track transactions on their systems by running them through a mixer to gain anonymity.

When you want to anonymize your bitcoin, there are different options. Some people use peer-to-peer coin tumblers that act as a meeting place for bitcoin users to anonymously exchange bitcoins. Other people exchange without the mixer server, so participants don’t know about input and output bitcoin addresses for transactions.

Why should I mix my coins in Free Bitcoin Mixer?

The design of Bitcoin was to be a decentralized, private cryptocurrency. But today most cryptocurrencies are very public in their transactions.

In order to be compliant with new digital asset laws, most platforms will ask for at least some form of verification before posting, such as sending ID copies or even social media profiles.

You might want to keep your crypto holdings private, so new models such as Free bitmix  protect users by supplying content that is not publically available.

Bitcoin is often used on dark web markets to trade in illegal goods and services. However, Bitcoin can also be used privately. When your BTC address is not associated with your identity, you regain privacy and can use Bitcoin funds without worrying about the legality of your Bitcoin spending.

Free BitMixer benefits

  • Their high-quality addresses are delivered through a Letter of Guarantee to ensure that the recipient can know for a fact that the letter was generated on their servers.
  • Free Coin Blender provides “No Data Retention” policy
  • Free Bit Mixer uses 8 different bitcoin addresses. The more addresses used in a bitcoin mixing, the less able it is to trace transactions.
  • It also offers a security feature to further slow the wheels of plagiarism. This additional layer can be set to 24 hours.
  • Feel confident about your privacy. There are never any fees for bitcoin mixers.


Free Bitcoin Mixer is an excellent means of maintaining privacy and anonymity. However, sometime these services may take a small percentage (between 0.5%-3%) of any funds received by the sender.