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2% + 0 BTC

Minimum Transaction


Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


Mix Safer Bitcoin Mixer protects Bitcoin users by anonymizing their address.This bitmix offers some anonymity in transactions. Transactions were originally seen as more secure and private,and hackers are now unable to take out data due to this security .


How does the  Mixersafer Works?

Privacy is no longer a concern when using cryptocurrencies due to its openness in transactions. Bitcoin’s Blockchain is public and makes it easier for anyone to know the identity of a user by tracing their bitcoin address.

Given that cryptocurrency exchange is a risky business, there needs to be anonymity services. Bookmarking the transaction in a public ledger makes it easy to identify the owners.

This need arose out of a desire to make Bitcoin transactions anonymous. Our platform allows you to mix your coins in the same transaction so that no one can track them down.

If you store your bitcoin on the blockchain, it is private and difficult to access.

Mixsafer allows you to mix your bitcoins with other people’s, creating a ‘blend’. This will make it impossible for someone to track Bitcoins as they are being moved around.

The mixsafer mixer mixes your coins, and switches old ones with new ones. Once you deposit BTC at the mixer, they set a time delay and send you new BTC to your withdrawal address when it expires.

Bitcoin Fog helps you mix coins. It is a system where no personal data is required, and all transactions are anonymized with security that prevents records of trails of past transactions.

Basic working principal of Mixsafer BitMix

In order to ensure a bitcoin transaction is untraceable, the sender’s bitcoins are mixed with bitcoins from many other users of the same exchanges. Our service completely removes the link between input and output transactions.

Bitcoins are mixed with other users of our service and the input is mixed with other users of the same exchange, which prevents a traceable link.

How to  perform  mixING operation step by step in Mixsafer

  1. Learn how to create a wallet and create wallet A
  2. You’ll want to acquire Bitcoin and transfer it to Wallet A.
  3. Step 3 for privacy is to use the TOR network to create Wallet B.
  4. The Bitcoin is transfered from Wallet A to Wallet B.
  5. Split securely with TOR. Now time to send Bitcoin.
  6. Mix your Bitcoins by going to our webpage Mixsafer.com, preferably from TOR, and enter Wallet C on the form for our bitcoin mixer service. Your bitcoins will be anonymized through the process and you can download the letter of guarantee after completion of the process.
  7. The last step is sending the bitcoin from Wallet B, which we had initially deposited into this wallet in step four, to the address generated by the tumbler system.
  8. You can see the status of your transaction on blockchain.info by using TOR, or a BTC block explorer. It should take our system a few minutes to send coins back to the address specified in our form.

Does mixsafer mixing service really help protect my privacy?


If you  care about your privacy, then it’s a good time to use a bitcoin mixer. I connect my identity to my wallet, so anyone can see all my transactions and balances. This includes friends and third parties—people who I send funds to or pay for services with. But using our mixer service, no one will be able to figure out who I am and use that information against me.

To keep your privacy safe, use a Mixersafer Bitcoin Mixer BTC or another active solution. You need to remember that whilst cryptocurrencies are anonymous people can still find out who you are by linking your wallet to your identity, so you need to be cautious of what you do with it.


MixSafer BitMixer benefits

  • Its algorithm mixes bitcoin transactions, to anonymize. It has the ability to receive Bitcoin made by trading currencies across the world.
  • The policy of nondestructive orders doesn’t carry any risks when it comes to market disputes and mixing codes.
  • They provide a simple, automatic system that is drastically different to any other available on the market.
  • They do not store logs of requests.
  • Your information will be deleted after the service and we do not store records or logs, providing you with that burst of privacy.
  • MixSafer BTC Mixer makes your transactions private, hidden from prying eyes on the onion network and accessible through the TOR network.
  • Mixersafer bitcoin mixer Service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. It automatically responds to user inquiries and maintains the anonymity of the cryptocurrencies.
  • We are issuing a Letter of Guarantee to protect 100% of the service, so that you can have extra security in case a dispute arises. These letters must be kept until the end of the mixing service to guarantee this.


Mix Safer Bitcoin Mixer is an excellent means of maintaining privacy and anonymity. However,  these services may take a small percentage (Service fee: 2% + 0 BTC ) of any funds received by the sender.