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Adjustable, BTC 0.8-3.8%

Minimum Transaction

0.01 BTC

Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Adjustable, 0-24 hours

Letter of Guarantee


PrivCoin is innovative Bitcoin mixing software that provides BTC user anonymity. You can mix all types of digital currencies in this mixer. As far as the mixing algorithm is concerned, it is the same as the other types of BTC mixers (that we will discuss later).

The popularity of Privcoin is due to following features

  • Instant transactions
  • No logs
  • Multi cryptocurrency support

Mixing Fee


The service fee is different for four different types of coins

  • Bitcoin our minimum fee is 0.5% and 0.0005 BTC per forwarding address
  • Cash Bitcoin Cash our minimum fee and 0.8% plus 0.0001 BCH per forwarding address
  • Ethereum our minimum fee is 2% and 0.001 ETH per forwarding address
  • Litecoin our minimum fee is 2% and 0.001 LTC per forwarding address

The popularity of Privcoin is due to following features

  • Instant transactions
  • No logs
  • Multi cryptocurrency support

How does PrivCoin works?

By mixing bitcoins, the person sends their money to an anonymous service, sending their crypto to someone else.

Bitcoin Mixer runs the user’s BTC through a mixing process, takes it, and forwards new random bitcoins from a random BTC address, which has no connection to the old address.

Once the cryptocurrency is deposited in the portal, the service sets a random delay and, once it expires, sends new bitcoins to the withdrawal address.

The privcoin service is completely automated and works without human assistance. When the mixer is done with its work, it simply removes all information related to the client.

 Four steps of Mixing


  • Enter withdrawal address on the main page.
  • Set custom time delay so the system knows when to resend bitcoins to the new address.
  • Press the “Next” button.
    The address where the actual bitcoins should be sent is displayed on a second screen.
  • The BTCs are sent to that address.
    After the mining system confirms the transaction, Bitcoin Mixer will process the mix instantly, according to the selected delay.

Benefits of PrivCoin


  • It  doen’t store any logs, so we can’t help any organization or individual with questions about user activity.
  • In addition to this, the platform eliminates all emails from the contact form within 24 hours after reading it.
  • Also, PrivCoin Mixer can help with uncompleted transactions, so they only store information about uncompleted transactions. Some transactions sent using the minimum commission can take around three days.


There are different BTC mixers are working in the name of PrivCoin.Most of them are not as reliable as this one. Due to these fake types of PrivCoin, some users declare this as spam. The actual thing is not like this before you start mixing confirmed that you are on the official website of Privcoin. Otherwise, the official PrivCoin is the best mixer on the internet with multiple coin mixing options.