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2% +0.0005 BTC

Minimum Transaction

0.25 %BTC

Log Policy

logs are collected for 24 hours

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

Letter of Guarantee


This article is discussing the Secure Bitcoin Mixer Review 2022

Secure Bitcoin Mixer is one of the oldest bitcoin mixer that is providing anonymity, because along with the high security of the transactions, each of them can be traced through the blockchain ledger. Bitcoin mixers like secure BitMix can improve the use of cryptocurrencies.

Secure Bitcoin Mixer is a Bitcoin transaction mix service that helps protect privacy in terms of pseudo-anonymity and open transaction log. This is one of the trusted services that can confuse transaction traces and make it impossible to trace the chain from the sender of the cryptocurrency to the recipient.

The mixing process on the service is fully automated, and after the bitcoin is cleared, the service will delete all data about your stay on the site. Use of the service is completely anonymous. For the operation you do not need to specify any personal data. Does not maintain service and logs of visits or usage. Information about deposits entered is only stored for 72 hours for security purposes.

How it Works?

Secure Bitcoin Mixer anonymizes transactions by breaking them into small pieces and sending them in different directions. The platform will take Bitcoin to a deposit, anonymizing it and returning the same amount, but completely new coins. This complicates a lot and makes it almost impossible to trace the originator of the transaction, so the coins that fall into the wallet after mixing can be considered “clean”.

Upon entering Bitcoins into the service, the user receives a letter of guarantee, which is proof of Bit Mixer ‘s commitment to return the coins. The letter contains a 12-digit code that must be kept at the time of the transaction. This code guarantees the right to receive a deposit with peeled coins back.

After completing the online cleanup application, each user is given a Bitcoin wallet number to which they need to send coins for cleanup. Along with the wallet address, a digital signature will also be provided, confirming that this address was generated by the Secure Bitcoin Mixing service.

Why use a Secure Bitcoin Mixer?

There is a myth that Bitcoin is completely anonymous, but this is not quite the case. Your system does not ask for confidential user information, but the transaction log is publicly available. With the help of ledger blockchain tracking, anyone can see the path of coins from the moment of their creation to the current holder, as well as keep track of the wallet balance, all incoming and outgoing transactions through it.

To carry out small operations, you can safely use a cryptocurrency, but there are also cases where you need to withdraw a large amount, remaining anonymous and not drawing the attention of hackers or control authorities.

Possession of information on transactions in a cryptocurrency wallet at first glance may seem less of a threat, because the user is still anonymous. And this is true, but only until the first encounter with reality. If you want to bring Bitcoin to the card through the exchange or exchange, pay for the delivery of goods to your home or in any other way, associate the address with personal data, then it will not be difficult to calculate the identity.

How to mix bitcoins using Secure Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin can be anonymized via a simple online form, where you will need to specify the destination address for the clean coins. In order to increase confidentiality, it is recommended to create a new bitcoin wallet as well as use the TOR network to connect.

User can independently choose mixing time from 72 hours to instant transfer. The mixing strength and anonymization level depend on the set delay time.

After filling out the form, “dirty” bitcoins must be sent to the address proposed by the service, as a result of which the customer receives a letter with a secret code. After expiry of the mixing period, this code must be entered in the appropriate field and the “pure” bitcoins will be sent to the address indicated in the form.

Mixing Fee

One of the advantages of the service is the low commissions that users can set independently. The minimum commission per transaction is 0.4% of the amount, maximum 4%.

Mixing efficiency also depends on the commission level chosen. The more installed rate, the more foreign exchange transactions will be made.

Advantages of Secure Bitcoin Mixer

Among the features of the platform are the following advantages:

  • Mixing strength indicator;
  • Low and dynamic commissions;
  • Instant cleaning;
  • The ability to set a delay to increase confidentiality;
  • Payment guarantee using a letter of guarantee;
  • Any transaction information is deleted after 72 hours;
  • Affiliate program;
  • Allows you to add API to projects, thus ensuring the anonymity of all payments to them.


Secure Bitcion Mixer is rightly considered one of the most reliable and convenient mixing services, with a reputation confirmed by reviews. With that, you can forget about this lack of Bitcoin, like the lack of complete anonymity, and be sure that the true origin of the coins will be hidden from outsiders.