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SmartMixer Review 2022

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Minimum Transaction


Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

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SmartMixer is one of the most advantageous and reliable bitcoin Mixing service. Find out with regards to the advantages  it can offer explicitly to BTC coin clients.

All things considered, bitcoin addresses can be followed by anybody. Further investigation of exchanges related with it and wellsprings of renewal of the wallet permits you to completely discover the character of the digital currency proprietor. Bitcoin is a pseudo-unknown framework that has for some time been known to users.​

Thusly, unique blenders like BTCmixer showed up: an individual sends a specific measure of crypto coins through it and gets back cleaned coins for a similar amount – minus a commission fee. As a result, the transaction can no longer be tracked.

Features of BTC SmartMixer

  • Commission: Fixed commission, only 0.1%.
  • Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC.
  • Maximum deposit: 81 BTC.
  • Log policy: Zero log policy. All records will be destroyed.
  • Delay time: Yes, under user control. From instant mixing (after 1 confirmation) to a 24 hour delay.
  • Additional Weekend Addresses: Not
  • Control of the percentage of the deposit by individual address: Not
  • Letter of guarantee: Not

Steps to mix coins with BTC Smart Mixer?

To use the service, you must:

  • Open the website 
  • Select the type of currency
  • Claim discount(if applicable)
  • Enter receiver address
  • Select total transfer delay.
  • Select mixing strength meter
  • Click on the “Continue” button.

After the assistance gets the installment, it will send you a warning. Three affirmations are expected to finish an exchange. The supports will then, at that point, show up after the postpone you determined.

The fee calculator of SmartMixer

On the bottom of the homepage of SmartMixer.net you have a calculator to calculate the mixing fee.It is very easy to use and simply you have to add your total mixing amount and it will tell you the amout of  BTC you will get after deduction of Mixing fee.


Along these lines, this BTC blender is a solid, secure and quick help that even novices will appreciate. The point of interaction is just about as basic as could really be expected; it is helpful to utilize it from a cell phone. The upsides of the BTC Smart blender digital money blender have been valued by numerous clients, leaving positive criticism on crypto gatherings and in topical networks.

BTC SmartMixer is presently probably the best instrument for against legal assessments in the blockchain. It has the most minimal commission among contenders, which is just 0.1%. The blender is simple for novices, and the point of interaction is thoroughly examined.

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