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0.15% + 0.003 BTC

Minimum Transaction

0.1 BTC

Log Policy

No logs are collected

Time Delay

Yes, User Controlled

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wasabi wallet

Wasabi Wallet mixer, one of the most innovative Bitcoin wallets is releasing new upgrades.Wasabi provides privacy for cryptocurrency transactions by having them take place over the Tor anonymity network, which is where participants’ money cannot be stolen from, nor their privacy breached.

How does the  Wasabi wallet Works?

Wasabi wallet allows you to mix coins in one transaction and make it hard to tell where it came from. This keeps the sender anonymous and reduces the risk of being identified by the other participants.

In order to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, opening a wallet and transferring the Bitcoin directly to that wallet might identify who the owner of the BTC is. To avoid this, swap your BTC at a Coinjoin with 50 other people’s BTC, then transfer it to your wallet once the mix is complete.

Basic working principal of Wasabi wallet mixer

Wasabi wallet works on the principal of Coinjoin.

What is Coinjoin?

Coinjoin is when you coordinate a transaction with another party, making it difficult to identify what that transaction contains.

Coinjoin can provide the same functionalities as a mixer or tumbler, and it is done often to save on transaction fees.

With Wasabi, signers are required to put their own signature on the transaction, making it impossible for someone else to tamper with or steal your funds.

This allows other people to join your transaction, so their coins work just like yours. This makes it difficult to trace where a coin came from and where it was sent to because the newest recipient in the stack (where the new coins are) covers up all of the previous transactions.

How wasabi wallet is unique from other mixers

Coinjoins were created to mix coins separated in different transactions by multiple parties.As the transactions are linked, it is even harder to determine what party has made a transaction. For those looking for an easy way to use CoinJoin, Wasabi Wallet is probably one of the best options today.Make sure you withdraw from an exchange to a wallet that is difficult to trace.

How to use wasabi wallet mixer


  • You should install the Wasabi Wallet on your desktop, open the app, and click “Generate Wallet” at the top left.
  • Learn how to backup your Wasabi WALLET
  • When you go back to the main screen, click Load Wallet, then select your new wallet from the list.
  • Click RECEIVE, choose a label for your transfer and generate a new address. Wasabi’s receive addresses will always begin with BC1
  • Leave your Wasabi wallet open online for a few hours to receive your freshly “CoinJoined” coins.

Wasabi wallet BitMixer benefits

  • Europol is monitoring the Wasabi Wallet, a privacy-focused bitcoin wallet that helps to shuffle coins for anonymity purposes.
  • Wasabi wallet is uning the principal of coinjoin.
  • When engaging in separate Bitcoin transactions, the CoinJoin asks for a group of peers to agree on how to mix their coins.
  • To keep your Bitcoin transactions anonymous, Wasabi Wallet is a simple solution. All you do is copy and paste the address of the other person’s wallet and send BTC to that address through your wallet.


Wasabi wallet Mixer is an excellent means of maintaining privacy and anonymity. However,  these services may take a small percentage (Service fee: 2% + 0 BTC ) of any funds received by the sender.